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Virtus exists to create a better living environment.


Unending growth and services for goodness

Over the years, the economy and businesses in Indonesia have been rapidly growing. More and more new businesses have emerged, intensifying the competition in the Indonesian market. This development has been accompanied by an increasing need for effective governance, allowing business owners to focus on their core activities without being burdened by ancillary tasks such as cleaning, security, and other support services. Virtus was founded on September 18, 2015, as a response to this need, challenging the notion that professionalism, discipline, and well-organized documentation could only be provided by foreign facility services companies. Virtus began with a grand vision by Mr. Houtman Simanjuntak, who believed that local companies could also operate within modern frameworks, becoming professional partners to their clients. 

Starting in Jakarta and Balikpapan, along with other Indonesian entrepreneurs and professionals, Mr. Houtman Simanjuntak established Virtus, focusing on Performance Based Cleaning Services and combining Safety and Security Services as the cornerstone of its services. With the addition of 56 professional staff members in October 2015, Virtus Jakarta and Balikpapan commenced their operations in new deployment areas, with 328 personnel in Jakarta and 228 personnel in Balikpapan. Virtus demonstrated its commitment to comprehensive processes by establishing the Virtus Training Ground, an open training facility spanning 2.3 hectares. Known as "2121," this facility in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, is a testament to Virtus's seriousness, with a dedicated investment from the very beginning, particularly in professional training.  

In addition to demonstrating commitment through cleaning services in commercial and office segments, as well as security services in mining, in June 2016, alongside the opening of the Karawang operational office, Virtus also added the Wuling Motors area to its services, catering to the manufacturing segment with higher quality and more complex work processes. Thanks to these developments, Virtus concluded its first year in 2016 with a total of 1,600 personnel, a noteworthy figure in the industry. Responding to the growing demands, Virtus expanded its served areas in 2017 with the opening of the Surabaya office and the initiation of the RDM Mamuju project in Sulawesi. This marked Virtus's expansion into energy resources, providing cleaning and security services in this segment. 

Pertumbuhan belum berhenti, karena visi dari Virtus masih terus ingin melayani lebih banyak orang lagi. Perkembangan organisasi ini menghasilkan terbentuknya “Rumah Virtus”, sebuah fasilitas kantor bagi 100 tenaga profesional, dan juga “Rumah” bagi 3.500 personil operasional, untuk melayani para klien 247365 (24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu, 365 hari setahun). Bentuk komitmen Virtus untuk pelayanan terbaik ini diresmikan tanggal 18 Oktober 2018. 

With a workforce of 4,000 employees as of July 2019, Virtus has become a reputable company in the facility services market. Virtus continues to explore new segments, as evidenced by its expansion into the NTB and Sumatra regions, serving the mining and gold mining segments in the Amman Mineral area. Additionally, Virtus has provided high-standard services to corporate office segments, earning the trust of the Temposcan Group. 

As part of the Virtus Way, Virtus Indonesia has a strong commitment to improving its capabilities through training. In May 2022, another training facility owned by Virtus was established and inaugurated in Bintaro. In 2023, Virtus continues to strengthen its position as one of the best local facility services companies in Indonesia, expanding its client base and market segmentation. Virtus's development doesn't stop here but continues to grow larger. Faster, more agile, and better—that's Virtus Indonesia.